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We help private practice owners who just graduated and want to open a business, people who work too much and need help, and people who want to sell their business. We have been there so we know how it feels. We want to help you make the right decisions for your clinic. Use our experience to get you where you need to be.

Automated Patient Intake Forms

Do you remember the days when an intake form was a piece of paper attached to a clipboard.  The patient would sit in the waiting area taking their time completing it.  You may have asked them to fill out the intake before they came to the appointment.  When they arrive, the staff asks the patient where the intake form is and they say, “I FORGOT TO FILL IT OUT”. Now it’s 10:02 am and the appointment is at 10:00 am.  Your schedule is full, and you are already five minutes behind in your schedule.  What if the patients could fill out their intake form at home on their phone, tablet or computer.   When a patient submits the completed form, your staff gets an email to say the form is ready for use. The staff can put it in the EMR .  

As healthcare provider, your schedule is your lifeline; it is what keeps your day running smoothly. However, a full schedule of ideal patients depends on the staff who coordinate it. While you may not always be aware of the front desk operations, it is crucial that your staff comprehends the significance of scheduling patients who align with your practice. Trust me, you do not want to be burdened with a day filled with appointments that do not match your skills and expertise. This is where a well-trained staff plays a vital role; they can ensure that your schedule is optimized with patients who are an ideal fit for your practice, thereby generating a healthy income.

Employee Engagement

In today's fast-paced work environment, it's more important than ever to make sure employees feel engaged and valued. After all, what good are employees if they're not productive? Employee engagement is crucial to the success of any organization, as it not only leads to increased productivity, but also improved employee morale and retention. Employees who feel engaged in their work are more likely to go above and beyond their job duties, leading to better results and happier customers. So, how can employers foster employee engagement? It starts with creating a culture where employees feel valued, heard, and supported, and providing opportunities for growth and development. By prioritizing employee engagement, organizations can reap the benefits of a highly-engaged and productive workforce.

Exit Strategy

As a healthcare practitioner, you have devoted years of hard work and dedication to your private practice. However, the time will come when it's time to move on to retirement. During this period, it's crucial to ensure that your private practice is sold for the maximum value. Why? Because this will help you to take advantage of all the hard work you have poured into your practice over the years. Preparing your practice for sale can take time, but it's worth it. By making sure that everything is in order prior to the sale, you can maximize your profits and retire in comfort. The key is to start planning well in advance and to work with professionals who can help you to prepare your practice for sale and get you the value you deserve.

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