We help podiatry business owners achieve their ideal scene with our…

  • 1 on 1 Coaching Services

  • Practice Business Assessments

  • TFHN “Overhaul” Programs

  • Round Table Webinars

Enhance your practice, Enrich your life.

Let us help you get clarity on where you are and where you want to be

Running a podiatry practice can be challenging when…

  • You are busy (too busy) and it feels like something has to change with your patient schedule

  • You look at your business reports and still aren’t sure where you stand financially

  • You have built a successful practice but don’t have a solid plan for its future

How We Support Podiatry Business Owners

The Foot Health Network supports you by providing services to enhance your practice with our…

  • 1 on 1 Coaching Services

  • Practice Business Assessments

  • TFHN “Overhaul” Programs

  • Monthly Round Table Webinars

1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

Running a podiatry practice doesn’t have to be done alone.  

An experienced coach can guide you through what it takes to reach your goals.

Having an experienced coach right by your side every step of the way will save you frustration, time and money in your day to day journey as a practice owner.

Not sure if you need 1-on-1 coaching but would like to know where you can do better in your practice?

Our Practice Business Assessment

might be the right fit for you….

Practice Business Assessments

As a clinic owner, knowing what areas of your podiatry business needs a little love and attention is the first step in enhancing your practice (and your life).

A Practice Business Assessment is the right fit for you if..

  • you know something needs to change but just can’t put your finger on it

  • you are busy managing your practice and working in your practice day in and day out

  • you feel “stuck” and need to know what the next step is in your clinic’s future

Completing a Practice Business Assessment will identify your problem areas


give you a detailed report of actionable next steps so you can acheive your practice goals!!!

After we have ANALYZED your current scene and IDENTIFIED and mapped out your ideal scene…

We can also help you IMPLEMENT the solutions with our

TFHN Overhaul Programs.

TFHN “Overhaul”


We call it an “OVERHAUL” for a reason.  It takes hard work to make real change.

Don’t want to implement your new roadmap on your own?  

NO problem.  

We will work with you and your podiatric team to achieve the results you need through our TFHN Overhaul Programs!!!

TFHN Client Testimonial

"Working with The Foot Health Network has transformed our clinic in different areas, including team performance and financial health.  TFHN rectified our bookkeeping and identified critical improvements during their in-person clinic audit, enhancing our overall operations.  Their availability, even on weekends, made the process smooth and effective."

Ali N. (Clinic Owner)

Ontario, Canada

Still not sure if The Foot Health Network services are what your practice needs…

then please join us for our free Monthly Round Tables!

Monthly Round Tables

We welcome you to our free monthly TFHN Round Tables where you have an opportunity for you to…

  • Stay connected with your peers

  • Learn about the key areas of running a practice

  • Discuss current obstacles that are faced by clinic owners

  • Interact with our TFHN’s coaches!

Our team of TFHN coaches are here to help!!!

To find out how The Foot Health Network’s came into existance and what our purpose is, watch this video from our founder Patrick Rainville.

We can’t wait to help you…

Enhance your practice, Enrich your life!

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