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Starting Companies: The Foot Health Network (TFHN) offers resources for startups in the foot health sector, including business planning and mentorship opportunities.

Experienced Providers: For established providers, TFHN provides growth opportunities through consulting, training and  peer collaboration, and programs for practice efficiency and expansion. We help you stay updated with the latest industry benchmarks.

Providers Nearing Transition and Succession: TFHN helps supports a smooth transition or succession, providing guidance through our professional services team on matters of legal, accounting, and financial planning.

What is the Foot Health Network ?

The Foot Health Network is and what we do.  We are a collection of very experienced private practice owners who are passionate about helping other podiatric providers.  We know firsthand the struggles that come with running busy and successful foot health businesses.   And we also know all too well how these struggles can cause us to feel overworked, overspent, and overwhelmed. And, quite simply put, that's why we founded The Foot Health Network.

We wanted to create a network that would help other podiatric providers, in all stages of their individual private practice, find a successful path through the common pitfalls of being a medical business owner.  Whether you are considering a new start-up or have just purchased your first practice or maybe you have grown too fast and can't keep up.  We can help with that.  Maybe you are wanting to plan an exit from your practice that has taken so many years of blood, sweat and tears to build.  We can help you get there, too.  

With the accumulation of The Foot Health Network’s combined experience, expertise and associate professionals, we have assembled a team of effective coaching, consulting, and training services to help our colleagues, like you, become confident, inspired, and give you the tools and ability to thrive in your own foot health businesses.

We share a commitment to creating stability, efficiency and consistency.  Also, we will provide a supportive framework that can help you realize and achieve your own personal goals.

Peter Ferguson

Scheduling is My JAM?

I love numbers and pattern.  

My favorite games is Scabble and Tetris.

My hobbies is talking care of my Chickens.

I worked hard in private practice for 26 years to understand to most efficient way to create schedules for your patient care. I would love to help you develop yours!

Dave Simard

Kathy Ferguson

Patrick Rainville

Automated Intake Process

I love creating systems to automate, improve and simplify work flows.

This system is designed to get a completed intake form a website button to your inbox.

Jodi Simard


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